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Unlocking your potential



Welcome to USeekSkill! We are a multifaceted platform focusing on specialised Workshops and Recruitment & Placement.

We take great pride in offering workshops that are directly related to the recruitment and career advancement process. These workshops are designed to empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully transition from a campus to corporate setting.

Additionally, in the realm of Recruitment & Placement, we have partnered with Beyond Boundaries to provide a job platform for prospective candidates and students to provide their data, in which we are also associated with different companies in the same platform to identify and recruit talented candidates. Partnering with numerous esteemed organisations, we provide them access to our platform, allowing them to discover and recruit eligible candidates efficiently. Companies can effortlessly update their job requirements within the same platform, streamlining the entire hiring process.

At USeekSkill, we are passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their career aspirations and assisting organisations in finding the best talent. Join us on this journey of growth and opportunity!



Our Mission

To empower our students by opening the doors of opportunity to achieve financial independence and economic stability by maximising the wealth of the market.

Our Vision

To create a platform that offers global accessibility

Our Values

To contribute to a better future by establishing ourselves as a trustworthy and standout entity, recognized for our unwavering dedication to delivering authentic products fuelled by our passion and commitment.




Focus on Entry level Practical Training, Soft Skill Development, Interactive Sessions, Group Activity and One on One Sessions.


Strong Work Ethics, Interpersonal Skills, Redefining boundaries and bridging the gap between where we are and where we want to be as a working professional


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Demo Module for Students:​

Free Module​

  • 1 hr Interactive training session.

  • Communication Skill , Time management, Presentation , Networking​

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Module for Final year students:​

Max 35 participants, 2 hr/module,

4 sub modules in a year-​

  • Module 1: SWOT analysis​

  • Module 2: Presentation, communication and Image building​

  • Module 3: Work Etiquette, Work Culture, Networking and Time management​

  • Module 4 :Self-introduction , Resume making and cover letter-

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Module for full academic year            students:​

Max 35 participants , ​

2 year Diploma​

3 year Degree​

4 sub modules in a year​

  • Personality building​

  • Soft Skill​

  • Career Building​

Beyond boundaries

Beyond Boundaries is an India based Placement and Human Resource consultancy company located in Gurgaon City. Gurgaon is one of India’s largest information technology, finance & banking hub and home to the HQs of many of the country’s largest companies. It has local offices of more than 250 of the top 500 Fortune companies.


As a leading player in the Placement and HR Industry, they have a dedicated team and a well established network of business associates, who can source the best available talent.

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